Friday, November 19, 1999

EPM: Lessons Learned. Part IV Resources - Karen Gehringer

Here is a list of resources for further information about EPM:

1. This site gets about as detailed as most people ever want to get on a subject. Highly informative.

2. In the knowledge bank section there are several good articles about EPM. You can also down load the form needed to order Baycox.

3. He is a vet at Bayer who can answer all your questions about Baycox.

4. This is a support group list for EPM horse owners.

My best resource has been my long suffering husband who never once questioned me about the cost of this thing and only razzed me occasionally about my obsession with it. Also my fellow horse loving friends, Mary Marshall, Edie Whiting, Becky Siler, Donna Shoaf, Linda Flynn and Jeanie Miller have been a huge support to me and I am grateful to them.

Anna had her first day without meds today. Any prayers, good thoughts or positive chi you could send our direction would be greatly appreciated.

Happiness and Health to all,


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