Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Ofir Me The Wind, aka 'Kidd', A Horse With Heart - Kenny Stickler

Driving up hwy 62 just south of Prospect 9/25/99 all hell broke loose. Kidd and I were just going for a weekend of hunting. At 9:30 pm a BUCK jumped out. The truck handled it ,but the trailer didn't.The trailer pulled us of the road and corked screwed itself and the truck through the air.When I woke up Kidd was standing all humped over and bleeding. "My God my horse is dying" I thought.As I walked up to Kidd I realized he was still tied to what was left of the trailer and his head was taut to the ground.

I ran to the road and watched the first car fly by. In a blur a man stopped. Seeming more shaken than I, he gave me a knife to cut Kidd's rope halter loose and a phone to make a 911 call.

Kidd ran off as soon as he was free and instantly started eating. With the exception of looking like the horse whisperer he seemed fine. Not so - When I started looking closely , I noticed a large bump on Kidd's left rump the size of basketball.I thought it was a cramp but not so. It was a large hematoma.

Moving Kidd wasn't possible so Kidd stayed the night in someone's pasture. Kidd was now in Gods hands a and God took care of Kidd. Kidd ended up with a broken tail and back just above his tail. He lost all the hide on his rump and in time 90% of his tail.I had broken T-10 in my back as well.

Susie Morril sent a trailer down soon after the crash. With the trailer came Dennis O'Brien a horse chiropractor. Dennis demonstrated how to stimulate nerve growth in Kidd's tail. Dennis assistant opened my eyes to something I would never of thought. She asked me " doesn't it make you feel good ?" I looked at her in awe and said what in the world do you mean. Here my horse has a broken tail and back , I'm messed up as well, My truck is totaled and my trailer , well its at the scrap yard how would I feel good. Her reply was this. "Doesn't it make you feel good to know you have such a great protector? You should of all passed in this crash but you didn't and here you are. God has other plans for you guys she said." She was so right. Six months off for Kidd and me, we seemed to heal at the same pace. We were ready to start training. Our first ride back we went to Stookey and did 60 miles. Everybody asked about Kidd's short tail and couldn't believe the story and the pictures of the wreck.

I let Kidd go in this race and I mean GO.Kidd's Reg name is OFIR ME THE WIND and the wind was offered to us that day.We finished the race in 4:08 and received BE.C. This was quite a miracle, we not only got back on the trail we did it getting B.C over MC. RamsZ - not a easy task.

Susie Morril gave some of the best advice I could of gotten at this time of my endurance life. Susie said to get Kidd out of the 50s and go the distance.She said Kidd has talent and I'll ruin him if I keep doing what I had been doing.So I listened and in our second 75 we received yet another B.C. The longer distance seemed perfect. After some trials and errors we soon learned what to do and what not to do " almost '.

The next test of faith and heart came in 2001 in Bandit Spring ride.Kidd became ill at this ride and had to go to Bend Equine Hospital.The doctor couldn't believe Kidd was still standing.Kidd wasn't looking well at all.He was crashing hard and fast.At the ride Kidd's vet scores were great even the last one before his break,something wasn't right with his belly.All we could figure out after all the blood work prior to the hospital was great, is that maybe the electrolytes I gave him were different than any other I gave him. Kidd s stomach became upset and a chain reaction happened.The doctor wanted me to sign a paper saying he could put Kidd down in the night if things didn't get better. I of course said no way.You're asking me if Kidd might give up. I said I wouldn't do or think of such a thing.

While out unhooking the trailer the doctor said to my wife this is pretty much a lost cause.My wife Jill said,"you don't understand Kidd is our miracle horse." She explained the trailer accident and the doctor said well we need another miracle. When I started to leave I said out loud towards Kidd " HEY " and walked up to him .Trying to show no weakness I said to him quietly "don't you quit" and stared deep into his tired eyes.He stared back and with a distant but determined look he said he wouldn't, I just know.

Kidd made it and made it and after a couple of months we did a slow 80 Pacific Crest.Since we have completed four more 75 milers and four 100 miler with a training ride 50 miler.Now we"re honored to have been selected to ride on the Pacific North team in the Pan American Championship.

When it ccomes down to it, Kidd has one very important attraction to his great athleticism.Kidd has HEART ,with no heart you have nothing.People say if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.I believe it is this way, with out your heart truly being there you may achieve mediocre goals.When you have the heart that Kidd has the sky is really the limit.When things seem to be at there worse reach deep into your heart and if you have Jesus in there He Will Help. Kidd and I definitely have heart and faith, I'm sure that's why we're still here.



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    Such a beautiful story of the love of a horse and rider!! ♥️