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2013 Mendocino Magic - Heather Reynolds

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013
Erebus on day 1 pictured above

Emma Orth, (our junior that has been helping us out all summer) and I loaded up the four guys on Friday morning. (Jeremy would not be joining us, as he was going to do a big triathalon training weekend with his brother.) Emma and I were heading to the Mendocino Magic, 2 day ride. We took Kings Gold, aka Elvis and Erebus for the first day 50 and Gold Dust Rising aka Dust and Most Likley (this is how you really spell his name) aka Mo for the second day.

The drive was uneventful in the semi truck, although driving the big truck on the road from Willits to Ft Bragg, (hwy 20), was like trying to ride an elephant on a single track. We got there without any issues.

After setting up we checked in and then vetted and pre rode the day 1 horses. I would ride Erebus and Emma would be on Elvis. It was very foggy but not cold. Mendocino is very beautiful so I was really looking forward to the rides over the weekend. It would also be my first race with Emma who has been helping us ride all summer.

After the ride it was just about time for dinner. We headed over to the potluck, which had way too many great choices, and found familiar faces to eat with. It was great seeing all of my West Coast friends.

That night I hardly slept as our crew of horses found a talent in banging buckets on the side of the trailer and clanking the high ties around. At one point one of the dudes even starting rocking the trailer significantly by scratching his rear end on the side of the trailer. Oh well...

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