Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back from Tevis - K. Chaton

Another Tevis Cup ride is now history. Out of 169 starters, 87 completed this year for a 51% completion rate. Some of the stats have been posted on the Tevis News Twitter page. Once more info comes in and gets verified it’ll go up on the Tevis Cup website.

I had originally planned to ride this year. The horse had other ideas! Actually, I should say “horses” because after Bo was injured after a fall I gave some thought to taking Chief. Then Chief decided to rip his eyelid apart - it’s still has some mild swelling and you definitely need a horse that can see clearly and very well on a ride like the Tevis. I haven’t taken Chief on Tevis before because I’ve been so afraid of him getting hurt. I know that sounds weird, but I am a bit over-protective of him. I love riding him on technical trail and it’s where I think he is at his best too.