Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Virginia Highlands 2009 - by Noways


August 31, 2009

Since Mom gave me a bath and clipped my whiskers Wednesday, I knew we were headed out for another ride in the woods with lots of horses to chase. I don't get as excited about it s I used to, but my nerves were a bit taut Thursday Morning, when Mom gave me another brushing after my defiant roll in the dust...ha, ha, can't keep me shiny for long.

Yet another long haul, ho-hum, good time to eat and eat and eat hay, with an occasional stop for some water. Mon finally learned I can't bring myself to drink plain ol' water while being hauled ~ for goodness sakes, put some grain in it!

We finally pull into ridecamp, and I swear I thought I heard her say something like, "My goodness, we should have got here yesterday!" Boy, were there lots of trailers and horses and people and dogs! Mom was smiling though, when a kind man directed her to a good camping spot, no shade, but it wasn't that hot anyway. Although Mom sure was sweating after she walked here and there getting things set up for us.

Mom set up my pen and turns me into it. For some reason I thought my best bud, Sully (Mom's granddaughter's horse) was in the trailer, or already here, or came in another trailer, or something, but alas he was not! I yelled and screamed and ran around my pen until Mom finally tied me to the trailer so I could regain my cool...whew, thought I was going to have to jump out of the pen before I got her attention. Finally, Mom's friends unloaded a mare, Zelda, I occasionally get to run with down the trails, so my heart settled and I immediately fell in love...All is well now.