Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Canada NAETC - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

Sunday, 30 August 2015

After Tevis we rested up for about a week at the Shackelford's house. During this week we also made a trip to the Tamberbey Winery in Calistoga to visit Barry and Jennifer Waitte. We had a very fun time seeing the beautiful winery and getting the full walk through of how things work. Amazing wine and great friends. We stayed in Yountville at the Waitte's house. It was a very enjoyable time. The next morning we had breakfast with one of my other moms, Jacqueline. It was fun catching up and visiting. The cameo visit from my highschool friend, Alethea was also amazing! We hadn't seen each other in over 20 years and we picked up right where we had left off.

After doing all of the paperwork for the Canadian border crossing with the horses and dogs and doing all of the summer planning it felt odd to be pulling out of CA. We had an excellent summer staying with Mike and Janet. We also made and stregthened some incredible friendships, old and new.

Onwards... we left in the early evening on Wednesday as the weather through the NV desert is brutal this time of year. Jeremy is an amazing driver and drove all through the night. In the early AM as the sun was rising I took the wheel. Our layover spot was Nebraska, we arrived there around 3 pm. The four horses were really happy to get out and relax. The horse hotel was queit and clean and run by a very nice lady. We stripped the trailer out, refilled mangers and took care of the horses. When all was done we unhooked the truck and drove to "The Restaurant". It was alright. We were seriously zoning out by this point. We went back to our trailer and crashed. Sleep was instant.

We got out of there for another long day to Iowa to stop at the Olson's for the weekend. We arrived on Friday. It was great to get out of the truck for a few days. The horses were happy too...

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2015 Tevis - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Tevis was great up until when it wasn't. My day started off perfectly with King behaving himself very well. He trotted along. King doesn't have a very fast trot as he is more of a cantering horse. The trot pace in general for the morning was around 10 mph, King is really comfortable around 8.5. My choices were trot faster than he goes naturally or canter bouncing around on a horse that was worried he was being left. I opted for the trot. I didn't feel the trot was so big that I was risking a strain or anything like that but it was bigger than ideal for King.

I was lucky that when I got to Granite Cheif I was in front of my group so I got to take my time through this section. King was a perfect gentleman. I did cause a bit of traffic by the end of it as many people were choosing to go faster through that rough section than I wanted to go. Just after the Wilderness area the trail opens up and the Cavalry charged on past us. It turned in to total mayhem for several miles. People were passing by galloping down steep, REALLY rocky sections. Impressive...not in a good way.

King trotted on like a professional. We reached the cabin trot-by and we had gone from somewhere in the top ten to somewhere around 30th I'd guess, after the stampede:)...

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crewing Tevis 2015: It Ain’t Over til It’s Over - Full Story


This was my fourth year crewing Tevis and as ever there was much to see, plenty to learn, and lots of strategic waiting to do. The weather also threw a nice curveball, as Tevis is always hot but this year it was literally raining en route to Robie, as well at Robinson Flat on Tevis morning. Eventually the sun came out and upped the humidity factor nicely, too. If it wasn’t a big tasty bowl of challenges it wouldn’t be Tevis, right!

This year there were 10 Rushcreeks vetted into Tevis on Friday, here’s a fun group picture. Also interesting to note, 50% completed, in accordance with overall Tevis completion average.

I did my usual gathering of crew bags (including Dr. Lydon’s this year), dialing in of rider wishes (what do you want specifically met with, tack/clothes changes, highlighting small details not to be overlooked), and met my crew buddy. It was still impressively cool and grey as I headed back down to Auburn to my old friend Motel 6–aaand promptly proceeded to lock my keys in the truck while shuffling gear. Fortunately I’d just devoured a #2 Animal Style from In n Out so I was chuckling instead of raging when I called AAA. That was sorted out easily enough and before I knew it the alarm was pinging in the wee hours and it was time to head for Robinson Flat!...

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Tevis Ride by Dace Sainsbury - Full Article

by Pamela Burton

Would you jump at the chance to ride the Tevis 100-mile trail in California, with the previous year’s winner as your mount?

Dace’s story:

“I first met Hillorie Bachmann whilst racing in Abu Dhabi for Emaar stables. I had been with this stables for only half of the season in the UAE so was really getting to know the people, horses and the track. Emaar looked after me so well in the races and I put a lot of trust in the trainers, grooms and the horses, which was invaluable for a newcomer. Hillorie gave me sound advice and supported me throughout the races, and our friendship soon grew to outside the endurance scene. I had never met such a strong, smart and still beautiful woman and I admired her in every aspect. She is my role model.

Hillorie and I had talked about me coming to the USA, but work and my own endurance commitments made it difficult. Early in 2015 however, Hillorie sent me an entry form via the web with my name and French Open as an entry for the Tevis Cup. This was 2014’s winning horse and this was the world renowned Tevis Cup challenge. I was going to make sure that I would be there...

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