Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Why I Do Endurance - Kristene Smuts

1. Me and my horse get bored with the conditioning at home (but we still run down the road to get away from the arena)
2. I've spent all my available (AND unavailable) cash to buy weird things (like huge water buckets, heart rate monitor ...... )
3. I can't read enough books and articles (not enough time)
4. My internet access bill looks like a phone number
5. I've come across very forceful and opinionated people on the internet (who also have the most wonderfully delicious senses of humour)
6. I'm forced to camp, something I absolutely hate (but will do so as long as my horse is next to me)
7. I eat weird food when I'm at a ride
8. I have more grey hair than I should have, due to worrying about the condition of my horse (which is never what it should be, I always worry - too fat, too thin .....)
9. I've acquired more injuries than is normal for my age (or sex)
10. I vow never to ride a horse again when I finish a ride in the heat and I'm dog tired (but I'm in the saddle a few days later, anyway)
11. My horsebox looks like a motor home (2 berth slant load)
12. People other than endurance riders keep a goodly distance from me, fearing that my "unusual" riding attire might implode, or something
13. When at a ride, total strangers greet you (VERY weird, don't you think?)
14. I've become super paranoid about the health of my horses and correct shoeing (why didn't he lick his bowl clean like he normally does?)
15. I've had to learn to deal with AY-rabs, you know, those stupid, flighty horses?
BE (Before Endurance) I was a depressed coach potato, now I'm a paranoid endurance rider - much, much better, dontha think?
PS I can never blame (or thank) Cindy enough for infecting me ;-))

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