Friday, November 24, 2006

2006 Sultan's Cup - Malaysia

Endurance.Net is travelling to Terengganu! John and I will leave from Idaho on November 20, and arrive in Malaysia November 22 (it's a long way around). We will be joined there by Belgian friend and fellow adventurer Leonard Liesens. Leonard and I will be both be riding horses from the Sultan's Royal Stable. Leo is doing 160km, start time 5pm, finish time..? I'll be riding 80km - start time is midnight! It's monsoon season which means thunderstorms are common. Might be another wet ride - but at least it will be warm :)


We arrived last night after a long trip, met up with Leonard Liesens, and
Paul Jeoffrey (New Zealand) - were met at the Terengganu airport and
shuttled off to the Suria Beach resort - a modest little resort on the coast
where the riders are being housed. Hot and humid - the warm coastal air was
a shock after hours of airplane and airports. A little smokey from the open
markets, and very very humid. It had rained during the afternoon, everything
was still wet and steamy. A night drive along the coast from the airport to
the hotel - images of Terengganu - the first images are always the most
interesting, before the newness wears off.

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Getting Ready

A little time to write, just a bit. We went out to the stable early this
xmorning to try the horses out. Woke up to pouring rain (the kind that will
deafen you if you're standing in a tin roof barn) but it soon stopped, and
was already drying up by the time we went to breakfast. Sunny and gorgeous
when we got there. I brought a saddle with me (the Gaston Mercier - which is
very very light for travel and seems to fit most arabs reasonably well) and
provides a degree of comfort and familiarity which is quite welcome when
riding strange horses! My horse is 'Murphy' - nice horse, smooth gaits, a
little young and playfully rambunctious, but I think he'll be a good ride.

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