Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Horn '08 by: Noodle

Hee Haw, I'm Noodle & this is my story:

It started at the Shamrock ride a couple of weeks ago. Mom brought my sister Nellie & I to see who she wanted to take to the Big Horn. I didn't know then what I was getting myself into. Nellie always told me, "Mom is crazy", but I didn't believe her.... I know better now.

Anyhow, At Shamrock I got to ride the first day. What a trail! The first loop had so many rocks, that Mom was worried about my barefeet. It didn't slow me down any, though. In fact, I really had a good time flying thru this loop. Too bad Mom had the bit in my mouth, I could've really gone fast with my sidepull. I guess she had the right idea though, because I started getting tired toward the end of the 2nd loop. I decided we should walk a bit here & there. We got to really enjoy the scenery this way. The 3rd loop there was really nice, too & short compared to the 1st 2. After tah 55 miles I was fairly tired, but it only took me 7 1/2 hours to do it.

I got to rest & play all the next week until I had to go move cows for branding on Sat. That was a short ride, but fun. I got to chase down some of those sneaky cows & calves. Silly, trying to run away, not on my watch! The next day I got to go ride with a couple of my Michigan buddies in South Dakota. Ike & Huckleberry brought Monty out here. (He came home on Fri night.) I had had fun riding at Iron Creek, the trails there are pretty cool.

Then I got to rest & play again until Thurs. That's when Mom put shoes on all of my hooves. I got tennis shoes on the front (Ground Control) & dress shoes on the back (lite rims). I behaved myself while she put them on, but I like going barefoot better.

So, on Fri., I got to go to Shell, WY. I was suprised to see Ike & Huckleberry again. I guess Ike was going to ride in the 50 there. I was proud to tell him that I was going to go in the 100. (A little sacred, too-I've never gone that far-but, I didn't tell him that.) I didn't let Mom get much sleep that night. I kept talking to anyone who would listen. I was hoping for some extra goodies to eat or at least a little love. Finally, a little after 3 am, I managed to con her into some grain. It was a little bit of a backfire, when she saddled me up that early. She got a new saddle that is really comfy for me, even if it is heavy.

It's 4 am, now & me & a bunch of other horses are trotting off into the prairie. There was still a full moon out so it was easy to see hwrere we were going. After awhile, we started going uphill for, like ever! The only good part about this trail was the grass--long & lush, just the way I like it. We eventually got to the top, only to go down & up & down & up & down & up............ The only good part about this trail was the grass, nice & green, just the way I like it.

Finally! A vet check, rest, grain, yippeee.

On the trail again. By now I have found a new friend. His name is Cabo. He is a Paso Fino. Buckskin even. He was fun to ride with. If i got tired or bummed out, he'd help me along & perk me up. If he got tired or bummed, I did the same for him. Nice guy, that Cabo. Before I knew it, we were at the next vet check. Did I mention that this trail is awesome? So many beautiful views! And the grass! So tasty! Just the way I like it.

Down the trail we go again. Too bad, I liked the ski area. It was nice there. But there was so much more to see & I had Cabo for company. More pretty flowers (some were tasty, too, just the way I like them), cool creeks to drink from, sunshine & a perfect breeze. I did get a little lazy this loop. Maybe I should've tried to sleep better last night. Oh well. We did get to stop a couple of times & rest & eat, so it was ok.

Part of this loop went around a pretty lake. There were some loose horses there. A silly roan & a grey wanted to be endurance horses too so they followed us. They eventually had to go back at a gate. That's where I met a lady horse named Sabella. (She was a little cranky though.) There was another horse too, but I didn't get his name. We didn't have far to go to the next vet check. Wonderful grain, rest & grass, thick & succulent, just the way I like it.

I left there alone, heading back to camp. Mom said we'd walk a bit for the others to catch up. Sabella came along 1st & then Cabo. I was glad to see them. We backtracked a ways on a trail we'd come in on earlier. After awhile, Mom found our turn off, even after the naughty cows knocked down the flag & blinky post. She got off & put them back up so others would find the turn in the dark. Shortly after, it did get dark. It was a beautiful night though. Perfect temp with a perfect breeze. The stinkin cows ate most of the grass, but there was still a little bit & some sage for extra flavor, just the way I like it. It took a little while before the moon came up. Boy was it bright once it did, though. It really helped us see the rocks when it came time to go down off the mountain. Mom said it took us an hour just to get down. That's when we saw our pit crew again. Man, they were having a good time! The important thing was the grain & the hay, soft & green, just the way I like it. I didn't really want to share it with Sabella & Cabo, but we were all so hungry. We just gave each other dirty looks while we stuffed our faces. Mom got a little crazy with the other girls--they were having LOTS of fun.

After a bit, we headed on out across the prairie again. Almost back to camp. What a sweet place to be. I was having so much fun with the other horses! We all just flew on down the trail. When we were almost back to camp, Mom dropped my reins to grab the other girls' hands, that's when we really got cooking. I ran so fast, she had to let got of their hands to pull the reins. Hehehe. She got me slowed & we did it again. I was nicer this time.

Finally, my saddle came off for the last time. I fussed a lot while Mom took it off & weighed on a scale. Then she took me to a nice spot to poop, pee & ROLL. Sandy & dusty, just the way I like it! We walked around a little bit 'cuz the vet was busy with some other horses. When he was ready, I dragged Mom over there so we could finish this thing up. Then I dragged her back to the trailer for some rest & hay, lots of it, stuffed tightly into a bag, just the way I like it.

So, there is Noodle's story. I am so proud of this girl. Her 1st 100! Wow! A little under 18 hours


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Anonymous said...

You GO Noodle! What an accomplishment! Sounds like your Mom and you really enjoy each other. :O)