Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Grand Canyon Starts Tomorrow!

Karen Chaton's Blog

Tuesday October 7 2008

Tonight at the ride meeting, Annie gave me a welcome back XP Teddy-Bear. She is the cutest thing, and she came with a nice card that the riders here all signed. Thanks everyone! I am so happy to be back at an XP ride, it’s been great getting to see everybody again and the best part that I am looking forward to tomorrow is riding Chief and spending more time with him and all of my friends. All of you guys are like family to me, so it’s been hard missing you for the last several months.

We are going to be riding on the Rainbow Rim trail, which is very scenic. I’ll try to keep Chief as laid back as possible and enjoy the day as much as I can. He will not doubt have plenty of enthusiasm. I can hardly wait!


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