Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bar H Day 1 - K. Chaton

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There were 30 riders the first day of Bar H with 28 finishers. First was Suzie Kelly with a ride time of around 5:15, and BC was Jonathan Bowman. The weather was fabulous, very warm (hot for those of us not from around here–around 80’s) with beautiful blue skies.

Today was the hardest endurance ride that Bo has ever completed. Dave Rabe said this was also the hardest ride his horse (White Cloud) has ever done. Course both of our horses are ‘newbies’ and only have around 600 to 700 miles each. We had a really nice ride that went well from start to finish. I was glad that I changed my mind about which horse to ride today - it did help that I rode Bo to help mark trail the day before to get the edge off of him. He was really well behaved all day today and did a super job taking care of himself. I was pretty pleased with Bo’s performance and especially his want-to-go attitude. Especially when we left lunch and Chief was running around in the corral screaming and Bo never looked back, or looked up during lunch while his head was tucked down eating. Then again as we were leaving camp for the third loop and again Chief was running around whining about the entire situation - Bo just boldly trotted forward and without even thinking about what he was leaving behind in camp. Which really impressed me because like I said, this was the most challenging ride to date that Bo has done.


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