Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moab Canyons - Kerry Greear

The weather report was "iffy" but we were packed and prepared. I worked until 4pm on Tuesday then went home where my sister and MASTERCREWPERSON (MCP) Colleen was doing the last minute things on the LIST. I'd had my friend, Lori's horse, Jazz, here with Hawk since Sunday and we trace clipped and bathed them. We still have green/wet grass at our house despite the cold and snow we had (no fall at all!). We loaded then picked Lori up at Spearfish and headed toward Casper then Rawlins where the plan was to unload and let the horses rest a bit. We almost turned around twice----sliding sideways down the road with a LQ trailer behind is not fun. My sister said I uttered plenty of "SHIIIIIIIIT" over a 5 hour period. It was so cold and windy in Rawlins, but we fed the horses and Lori and I ran around the arena with them a couple of times. We waited until almost dawn then set out again. It was horrible all the way to Rifle, we were 30mph of wheel-grippin fun. But we got to the ride around 2:30pm on Wednesday where it had snowed the night before. Go figure.

Ride Camp is large, lots of water, Sherri's dad is a real trooper. We set up our electric fence and got horses settled and greeted friends and found Easycare Man, Garrett. After the ride meeting it was cold, dark, and we had horses to glue on boots. The heatgun made it possible and all went way better than we had hoped.

Thursday am, the coffee was ready at the office and we didn't start until 7:30. Nice, since I found I was so stiff from driving I couldn't move my neck. Horse liniment works well but is pretty smelly---okay it kept my nose running all day!

Enough! This was a wonderful ride. The trails were awsome each day. The slick rock is not slick, we trotted over it. The sand is not what I expected; there is a bottom to it and not hard for the horses to travel through. There was a lot of water on trails, even spots where hay and carrots were available. I was glad we had cool weather all three days, although Saturday afternoon the sun was warm. Vet checks were out where lunches and hay were available. The vets were great, volunteers cheerful and efficient, and Sherri was EVERYWHERE.

We finished all three days with very good times and my horse felt and looked good all three days. Hawk has done great this year in Pioneer rides with Glueon boots. We finished all 5 days at Schellbourne, Bryce and the 3 days at Moab with very good times and wonderful recoveries. My MCP, Colleen, and friend Lori helped and we loaded and headed to Craig where horses had stalls. Dry roads all the way home.

Thank you Sherri and crew! I had a ball and I will be back.

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Anna Maj said...


I loved your story ;-) I was there too, click on the link below for some Moab pics =) I hope you will enjoy!