Thursday, December 03, 2009

Oklahoma Season Finale - Lucie Hess

Day 1

Had a great ride today at the Season Finale ride in Oklahoma.

Lot's of folks showed up today 24 or so 50's had to be close to 40 LD riders. The weather was lovely, clear, some wind, highs in the 70's. unheard of in late November.

Louise Burton won the 50 and got BC too, she also won the 1/2 Arab National Championship ride this fall.

I finished with a stong horse, he was pulling me to get in. This time I wasn't the turtle, maybe 6 or so people behind me.

After a fast morning trying to keep up with some friends. I dropped back and I just rode at my own pace, and worked on having a sane, calm horse when he's being ridden alone.
I usually ride with someone else, so he gets frantic sometimes when he's by himself. But we had 8 miles of moving along with a loose rein. But not so much on the first 17 miles!
No big spooks so I stayed on! (there's always tomorrow).

Tomorrow same trail, about same number of folks ridng.
Looking forward to the last ride of the year.. Should be another nice day.
More later!

Day 2

Finally I'm home after driving 8hrs. Well, I've really been home since 5 pm, but who's counting?
The Saturday Ride was on the same trail as Friday. Lot's of riders were riding the 2nd day on the 50 and 25.

Jane Huff and Mike Jaffee surprised all of us when they rode up and Mike was riding Jane's horse and Jane was riding his MULE! Jane said no time like now to try to ride a MULE. I told her she was gonna be a mule skinner! So off they went, both finished and had a great time. But ask Jane how well Emme Lou likes mud puddles

My day started off great! Donna Huetteman wanted to ride slow and easy, so we hooked up and rode together. It's always fun to ride with people you don't know very well, because after you spend time together riding the trails and chatting, you get better accquainted.
I was having a good ride, but on the way back, (it was an out and back trail), Spanky took a bad step and then took 3 bobbles on his right leg., then was fine.. this happened a few more times, but it was so intermittent, he was sound on a hard packed road and was trotting sound on the flat ground. I sure didn't know what was going on, but I was pretty concerned. We were close to camp so I just went ahead and rode in.
So I know in my heart we were done and went into the vet check knowing I'd be pulled. And we were and rightly so, by that time he was a grade 2, the vet thought it was on his left front, I still think it was his right front since that's the leg that I felt wasn't quite right.

Donna went ahead and finished the ride, she was pleased with her finish, her first back to back 25's I think it was.

I was pretty disappointed, but oh well.. there's another day.

The day was so nice, clear skies, but much cooler than Friday. There was a stiff cold wind coming in. But much better for the horses, with their winter hair on.

By the time we had awards and a potluck dinner, the wind had really picked up and it was getting pretty cold, a couple of propane heaters were brought out, We talked about how most people think we are crazy to sit outside on a windy, cold night to eat dinner. Well, they think we are crazy for riding so far anyway.
There were lots of riders on Saturday, probably as many as there were on Friday. Lot's of Texas folks as their Thanksgiving ride was cancelled. I got to see Captain Thunderpants, who is leading the nation in Jr miles, he is a cute little pony who just keeps up with the bigger horses and carries his rider, Hannah, around carefully. We told Hannah her pony was cute as we rode by and I heard her tell the person she was riding with, "Everyone says he's so cute".

Even tho I was disappointed with my pull, I still wouldn't have missed the ride. I had a great time both days.

Over the winter, I'll have to remember the unseasonably warm weather and the fun that was had, riding the trails, sitting around a fire with good friends and adult beverages enjoying being out in nature, with Horses! And I'll plan for next year!

Going to ride 50's and hope this lameness was "just one of those things". Doesn't hurt to think positive.

Thanks to Susan Young and Ann McFarland for putting on a great ride with well marked and well trimmed trails.

Now to clean out the trailer and winterize it! Yuck.. I'd rather clean the stalls.
More next year!.

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Kristy Worthington said...

Captain Thunderpants is Ainsley Suskey's pony. Ainsley is leading the junior Limited Distance mileage!