Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Independence Day: Home on the Range - Monica Bretherton


by Monica Bretherton

At the jampacked ride meeting for Home on the Range, those with Verizon service were perhaps a little smug. As an iphone user with AT&T, I shrugged off my lack of bars. I had warned my husband I might not be able to call. The motto of this first ride of the season was independence, anyway.

My mentors, Cathy Leddy and Wendy Connell, were going out at 7 a.m. to start their fifty-mile rides, and I would have to handle Taz's anxiety about being left behind on my own.

I knew he would be upset - he's emotional and has had a lot of changes in his life recently. So I filled my pockets with treats, knowing him to be susceptible to culinary distraction. When they left the trailer to warm up, he began a morning concert.

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