Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mt. Carmel XP story and GETC results

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Christoph and Dian just came back from a successful 5 day ride at Mt Carmel, southern Utah. The Mt. Carmel ride is part of Dave Nicholson XP series. Scenery was beautiful, the weather just about perfect.

Dave, the "Duck" added two days to this years ride, for many years it has been a 3 day ride. This time we went up to over 10.000 ft on two of the days. With the heavy snow Utah experienced last winter, the riders had to negotiate over some snowy patches still left at elevation.

As always, the Nicholson family did a terrific job managing this ride. Everybody was in good spirits and had a lot of fun.

Deb Whorf, a long time friend and former Moab resident, flew in from Maine to attend the ride. She rode Trinity on 3 days and placed two times 3rd and one time 6th. On the last day, her horse GE Trinity, received the BC award. GE Trinity was formerly owned by Garrett Ford and resides now at the GETC facility in Moab.

Christoph placed first on all days, tying for first on 3 days with Dian and one time with Tennessee Mahoney, who rode Just Magnum, a horse formerly owned by GETC...

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