Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Western States Tevis Cup - Rusty Toth - Full Story

July 28 2010

My Tevis journey began on a whim. Kevin mentioned he was not going to ride, so I offered to take his horse. And so it began.

We began the walk to the start a mile down the road in pen one: 70 horses packed together three to four wide and as deep as you could see in the morning twilight. The tension and excitement made the air thick with energy. Farrabba AKA The Stoner is the kind of horse you trust to always be relaxed, even keel, a true gentleman. I would not see this in him until mile 95.

The mass arrived at the start line where the trail funnels into a two horse wide path with seven minutes to go. As we stood shoulder-to-shoulder Stoner transformed into a ball of fire. At 5:15am the trail was opened...

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