Tuesday, September 06, 2011

COOKED Over the Mountain! a.k.a. Canter Over the Mountain - Charles Coleman

September 4 2011

YEP that sums it up me and my new Morgan Justice were fried! Been a very long time since Mary Coleman was pulled quite the humbling experience. Justice and me were not alone 20+ started the LD only 6 completed not sure about the 50 I think 29? and 9 were pulled when we headed home Saturday evening.
I believe I did make the remark at one time if my AC needed to be run (and run it did all day and night) my body and my Morgans did not need to be riding. So what was I thinking?
 One thing I was thinking the weather forecast could not be right hazy, hot and humid. All week it had been wonderful but they hit the nail on the head for this one.
 I begged Charles to haul us down me, Justice, my boarder Mary and her 1/2 Arab Possum. We arrived Friday 11ish with the plan on competing 25/25 for both horses. Possum fixed that by being lame at the vet-in which yes I had checked both horses Thursday evening and they were fine. Not sure what's up with him but he picked a good ride to sit-out. However he is a bondy horse and I knew Mary was going to have her hands full when Justice left without him. Justice on the other hand is much like his rider don't look back as Patti Stedman has told me more than once. On the bright side I now had crew, the use of a hose and eons of ice.
 LDs started at 7:30 off into the humidity and hills of West Virginia. We did a 15 mile loop I was so hot and so worried about Justice I could not really tell you much about the trail except I almost started following the wrong color ribbons at one point. Worse yet I nearly left without a sponge. Just when Mary had Possum somewhat calmed down I went back and had her hand me my sponge which I left in the tub at the water stop anyhow.
 Arriving back at camp at 10:15 with one very hot Morgan it took an hour just to make a 66 pulse by than I was beat and put him back next to his now happy grey buddy. Except for being fried Justice was none the worse and kept eating and drinking and hopefully forgiving me. His starts had been a little gnarly at other rides but he was great at this one and his legs are nice and tight and his attitude remained chipper. I am very proud of him.
  We will go back next year weather permitting and try again!

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If you search Canter over the Mountain 2011 you can look at videos from the vet and others and photography from the ride