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Biltmore Endurance Race – We Went, We Conquered! Blog - Full Story

by Misha Green
May 30 2012

HJU Endurance Blogger Misha Green discovered the crazy sport of endurance a number of years ago when her sister-in-law began competing in events all over Ontario.

She just completed her first FEI Event and sends us this report.

You can read her other articles here.

Thanks for sharing your sport with us, Misha!

The Biltmore Endurance Race was an experience I will never forget. From start to finish the entire experience far exceeded my expectations. The Canadian contingent made history with all but one of us completing our chosen distances and doing so at the top of the leaderboards!

We arrived at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina early on Wednesday May 2 after spending a night at McConathy Farms in Lexington, Kentucky. We set up “Camp Canada” with all of the other trailers bearing Canadian riders and horses.

On Wednesday afternoon, we all saddled up and headed out for a short ride to stretch legs and muscles and to explore some of the trail we would be racing in a few days time.

Thursday morning and Friday morning were also reserved for quiet rides to stretch legs and explore trail. Unfortunately, Emma Webb and I got lost on Thursday morning and ended up riding across the front lawn of Biltmore House!

Thursday afternoon, we toured the Biltmore Winery and explored some of the public areas of Biltmore House. We ran out of time to actually do the tour of the house but have promised ourselves to ensure that we take advantage of that tour next year.

Friday afternoon was reserved for vetting in our horses and for the ride talk. Vagas vetted through with all A’s and was declared ready to rock and roll in his first 50 mile FEI ride!...

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