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Ft Howes - Heather Reynolds

Reynolds Racing - Full Story

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jeremy and I loaded up 4 horses on Thursday morning at 4 am to head to Ft Howes to try our luck at another year of races in beautiful Montana. We took Cleopatrah and Chanses for the 100/160 FEI race and Honor and Bailey for the 75/120 FEI race. The drive from Durango is long but not compared to our drive we usually do from CA. It was going to take 14 hours plus stops. Actual time was 16 hours.

We had a very uneventful drive and drove through in one day. I read the Hunger Games book out loud as we drove and although we have both seen the movie it was still entertaining. We arrived at Ft Howes about 8 pm. We set up camp and discovered that our inverter on our living quarters had died. No power in the rig unless plugged into the generator. Oh well. Ron Donley was over helping while Jeremy Olson and Jeremy Reynolds were diagnosing. Ron brought us over two lanterns and we decided to just go to sleep.

Friday morning we got up and went for two rides to get all 4 horses out. They all felt good. Then we set up crew stuff and checked in. Skip and his two friends Karl and Brian showed up and looked over the crew area and made some tweaks to how they wanted it.

On Friday night the race had an awesome steak BB-Q after the ride meeting. Bill Stevens does an outrageous job grilling up steaks. Mark Devotee was playing live music while we ate. Very cool. Skip made a request for "Red Solo Cup" and Mark did his best to sing it although it was not one he knew well. It was funny, I had never heard the song before.

We headed back to our camp and we had about 12 people come over and all hang out. We listened to music and chatted until 10 when it was lights/noise out for the camp. We headed to sleep.

Saturday was the FEI 75. Bailey and Honor warmed up and then we were off. Bailey was having a rough loop...

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