Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Greenway Getaway - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

Tuesday, 07 January 2014

Pictured above: Easyshoe after completing the 50, worn by Honor.

Jeremy and I glued EasyShoes onto Shai and Honor in preparation for the Greenway 50. The new Easy Shoe is super cool. I really think this is a way to keep your hoof healthy while protecting it at the same time, a great compromise to total barefooted horses when your terrain won't allow for that. It is still in the testing phase so you may see them soon. You can see the EasybootGlue ons at this website:

Our young rider, Emma Orth, came to visit over her Christmas break and is still here with us as I write this:) Emma and I would be riding the 50 on day 1, with Shai and Honor. I was super excited to be riding Honor, he hadn't raced since Ft Howes in June of 2012.

On Thursday, the day before the race, Wendy McCoubrey came over to fit my Reactor Panel saddle to Honor. I love my Reactor Panel, it is really comfortable for my horse and I.

It was raining all day on Thursday so we opted to trailer over the morning of the race, Friday. We got up super early and gave Shai and Honor their mash and then loaded them up to head to the race.

We checked in and saddled up, I ride in a Reactor Panel with a Toklat Matrix pad. It was really cold. We warmed up the horses and then the trail was open. I initially thought we could trot a ways to continue warming up but immediately after the ride manager said that the trail was open, a bay horse came barreling by, out of control and very shortly after whizzing by it dumped its rider. Honor was fired up now!...

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