Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Australia's Red Range 90 km - Full Story

After Mr.T’s first successful 80km in September at New Italy I gave him a full month off to enjoy being a horse and peacefully grazing during such lovely summer days. It was hard not to ride but it was made easier by being so busy planning my wedding and wanting him to have a decent rest.

However, I decided his next and last ride of the year would be 90km at Red Range at the end of November and to do that I needed to start getting him fit again ASAP. But I had to keep my promise of not riding until after my wedding and I also wanted to stay off Mr.T’s back to partially continue his rest for a bit longer.

So for 4 weeks I gave him full rest and then for another 4 weeks I went from 2 lunging/ground work sessions a week to every second day, increasing in duration and intensity. While we worked on increasing fitness, we also worked on our bond, communicating more and more each session at liberty. Needing less and less tack each time to control him...

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