Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 Big Horn 100 - Dennis Summers

12 July 2014

Bighorn 100 - That's what I'm talkin about! I been whining here on 4th gear about the wimpy direction I feel endurance racing is going in the good old USA. Turns out, Maybe I just been going to the wrong races! Bighorn 100 has around 15,000 feet of climb and descent thru some of the most scenic, and rocky country I have ever seen. The riders brought tuf and fit horses ready to handle whatever the race threw at them. Every rider I saw was well prepared mentally and physically too.

The front pack raced smart and hard. There was even a bit of a runoff for top ten at the end to get one of those cool top ten blankets. A tuf trail with tuf competition will make u tuffer, or send u home talkin to yerself. At any pace this trail presents huge challenges. Anybody who reaches the finish line knows they are a serious endurance rider aboard a serious endurance horse.

Ride staff and trail marking was top notch. All in all a really great race. Only downside for me is Hannah brought a great horse that had a great day and we just couldn't reel her in to win. Great for them, it was a hard earned and well deserved win. The upside, is she's a 4th gear follower so in a way we contributed. Even still, really proud of the way our Peach and Bogart handled the challenges. Bogart got hiself a hard earned BC out of the deal.

We got the Bighorn monkey off our back the first time, whew. Wait a minute, on the way home Sue found a free entry attached to the BC sheet!. Maybe we not done with Bighorn!

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