Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Ghost Stories on the Plantation

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MONDAY, JULY 13, 2020

With our 75-mile completion on Friday morning, Ghost and I were quite satisfied. After reviewing weekend plans with Chris, he prompted us to do the 50 mile ride on Saturday night (the next day). I knew Ghost could do it. Chris knew I could do it. I knew it would be painful, but I could pull through. I also know that riding a 2nd day would heighten my riding fitness. I have several goals, but one is to be less sore after the longer 75 and 100s. I’d like multi days to be “no big deal” amongst others.

Although the trail at Broxton Bridge is repetitive, riding at night makes it entertaining. If you watched the videos I posted from the 75, Ghost knows the trail. I’m just a flea on his back he can’t get rid of. I ask him to go left, he jumps right because he knows the trail. I stop him to verify markers when he doesn’t need the reassurance.

On the 75, apparently there was some confusion with the trail. We earned 7th place. I was happy with the completion. I mean it is 75 freakin’ miles. Then, it was close 100 degrees and in the pitch black of night. I always say this, but I never dreamt of doing these types of rides. I go where the horse and trail take me. This Ghost story took me on a 2nd day of a 50-mile ride where I was bound and determined to get 1st place.

Ghost was on his “A” game. 48 hours prior in the 75, he did it, but his determination wasn’t the typical, “I’m hunting down that horse and eating him.” like it usually is...

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