Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Big Horn 100 2020 and how I lost all my goodies! - by Kipling

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by Kipling

I KNEW something was up when the monkeys had been fiddling and fussin' and loading up the 'big' horse trailer for weeks. Things were starting to add up. Not just the trailer getting all that attention but my training rides seemed to involve more than just the usual neighborhood neddys. I was instead going out on long steep rides with the big shot 100 milers eg the likes of Sundance and Katir, long distance extraordinaires. I was......suspicious! What did throw me off though was the absence of the gooey gluey boot routine.I was still barefoot.

Yep, next thing I know I'm being torn away from my cutie mare and thrown in the trailer with my buddy Sundance thrown in next to me. You know, Sundance is a nice guy but he's got nothing on my gal for company. The monkeys think I wont notice that Sundance, a chestnut GELDING is not a swanky gorgeous GREY TWH mare who I happened to be cuddling up to when I was whisked away. Geez! Do they take me for a chump?

Anyway, he was better than nothing and we were having a pleasant time chatting about things and munching hay when it started to get pretty noisy up front. Keep it down up there a neighed but the big bangs and rumbles from the truck got loader and loader and the whole thing glided off onto an off ramp. Exit 187 to be precise!

Now what! Mumbled Sunny. All we knew is the monkeys didn't sound happy AT ALL. This is never a good sign! Truck no good! All of us stranded...

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