Thursday, May 28, 2009

16,000 feet of climbing; 45 miles: Sweet! - Kevin Meyers

The Stuff That (Endurance) Dreams Are Made Of
3 Days; 16,000 feet of climbing; 45 miles

There are a few fleeting moments in life when everything comes together just right. This weekend was one such experience. Our ride plans changed mid-trip and we enjoyed a challenging three-day test experiment at Groom Creek in the mountains near Prescott, Arizona. I’m pleased to report a perfect ten for the glue-ons: I’m convinced.

We had the first rain in Arizona in months for the two days leading up to our departure. The trimmer came out the day before we were to apply the boots to get the hooves looking nice and balanced. For Rocky, the rain and the trim would make him too sore to ride. Far would have no issues with tenderness.

The rain stopped long enough to prepare Far’s feet for the glue-on boots. This horse is now at almost three weeks since his shoes were removed and has adapted nicely to barefoot. His hoof wall is breaking out a little where the nail holes are, but there is nothing that concerns me. The rain seemed not to soften his feet that much, and we set about drying his feet out by using the heat gun on the sole and around the outside of the wall. You can tell when the feet begin to dry because they change color.

The trick is to have everything at hand. Here is a photo of the materials we used to apply the boots.


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