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Tall Pines Endurance Ride - Anne P

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May 4, 2009

We are back from the Tall Pines Endurance Ride. We had an absolute blast! By far, this ride was the nicest we've been to so far.

Ride camp is about 1.5 miles in on BLM/National Forest land in the Gila National Forest, near Silver City, NM. The camp is an open area where several arroyos run down out of the mountains.

Friday, we rode out on the 30-mile ride. There were two loops: One 16-mile loop that went out of camp through the arroyo and then headed up into the mountains behind us, past an old mining camp and then back down another sandy wash and headed out cross-country through a private ranch, before turning and coming back into camp. The second loop was 12 miles and a bit more technical. We headed out of camp in the same arroyo, but then turned more quickly and went up into the steeper, rockier mountains, where we rode under HUGE pine trees, before easing back down through a narrow rocky canyon, and then riding back down the arroyo into camp.

The trail was wonderfully marked, so there were no real worries about getting lost. The ride managers had water out about every 4 miles, which was great, since it was warm, and Sam and Bhen are more used to the cooler mountain temps these days.


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