Friday, May 20, 2011

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011
We loaded up 6 horses Friday morning, after bathing them all. There were three trailers from our ranch heading up to Grant Ranch with 9 total horses. 6 of them were ours, the other three belonged to Scott, Rebecca and Joan.

Jeremy was looking forward to riding Stirgess on his first FEI 50 and the first time we were going to let Stirgess move out a bit. I would ride Bey on the open 75, a rider from the UK named Sam would ride Roof on his first FEI 50, Dom Freeman would ride Razin on the open 50, our good friend Chris from South Dakota would ride Nixon on the open 50 and a rider from Sweden named Caroline would ride our new horse Turbo (this horse arrived from Colorado the previous Friday from Garrett Ford) on the open 50.

The three other horses were Scott on his horse Marvel on the open 75, Rebecca on her horse Sid on the LD helping Joan on her horse Kongo.

The drive up the road to that race is REALLY tight especially when you have a very long LQ trailer like ours. My friend Maddy and I drove ahead in her orange KIA with or hazzards on, to flag down oncoming traffic and possibly save a bicyclist from a head on collision with our truck. We made it up safely...

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