Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wyoming Pioneer - My First 50 - Karen in MT

May 31 2011

Loop 1, 25 miles: Last year at Fort Howes I had tried starting the ride late to keep Rosie calm, but didn’t fool her – she still knew everyone was out there ahead of her and we had a rough start. So for the Wyoming Pioneer, since there were only 5 or 6 riders in the 50, I decided to try starting with the pack. We had a controlled walking start, but Rosie was already gearing up. One rider who was going to ride slow had offered to ride along with me, so I tried riding behind her for a while but Rosie was a fire-breathing dragon. Here we are at the back of the pack...

Looks fine until you see how much sweat was on her in the close-up pictures – this was within the first three or so miles! I was not wearing gloves at this point and ended up with a few cuts and blisters from pulling on my braided leather reins:...

Rosie was not happy as the 25-milers, who had started a little behind us, went by.

Riding this ball of energy was hard work AND fun...

More, with photos:

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