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Saturday in the UK - Heather Reynolds

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Today we got to the barn for our morning cold trot outs and all the horses were examined. More people have arrived so the group is growing.

After trot outs we barefooted Marvel and then put he and Kutt on the walker. There was a group meeting and then we did chores like cleaning stalls etc. We are also all taking shifts now watching the barn, we had the 10-12 slot. I stayed and watched the barn while Jeremy went for a run. Holly went with a group of crew to see the crew points.

When Jeremy returned we glued on Marvel's race boots. They are the new awesome Easyboot Glue On pattern with the great break over. He seemed happy with his cool new kicks on.

We went to the cottage to have lunch and then hung out for a bit. We needed to be back to the barn by 4pm for our afternoon trot outs. As Holly and I hung out on the couch I fell asleep. We woke up and headed back to the barn around 3:15. All seven horses were trotted at 4.

The whole group of people, crew, riders and staff, for the USA contingent are really supportive, helpful and amazing this year! I have never seen a more cohesive group involved in one of these International events. I credit this largely to Emmett's leadership skills and the effort he has put into this to make everyone comfortable not only physically but mentally as well...

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