Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tevis 2012 Ride Report: Part 1 – Getting to the start is the hard part sometimes!

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I should rename this post to be: blogging on a netbook with wordpress is more annoying than anything!!! My regular laptop has to get sent in for repair so I am at the mercy of this 10″ mini-me that makes everything I do take twice as long! Ignore the goofy formatting, I’ll fix it when I get my computer back. Well, enough of that…on with the first part of my Tevis ride this year…..

Earlier this year I had started to plan on going to Tevis. Then I changed my mind. Then I changed it again. I even printed out an official entry form and filled it out.

Then I changed my mind yet again and decided to go do the new City of Rocks multiday ride in Idaho. My thinking was that I’d rather ride both of my horses two days with pretty good odds at getting to ride all four days versus a 50/50 chance of riding one horse one day at Tevis.

Only…..Bo did so well at City of Rocks and came through it in such great shape that I decided what the heck and got my entry sent in – a day after the deadline! Bo had been coming through every single ride all year at 100%. Entering late was okay though, as it gave me less time to worry about what might go wrong. I knew that I was ready and that Bo was ready, now I just had to get all of the final details into place starting with arranging my crew!

It’s really hard to not want to do Tevis when you have a horse ready, I just couldn’t resist. I think my biggest worry was “how much is too much?” in regards to how many rides Bo had already done this season. Our horses all go great until a point at which….they don’t! I always think of each horses’ ride season as having an imaginary line…you know the one that if you cross it, you’ve gone too far? It’s always elusive but also sometimes so very close and often invisible until you’ve gone over it. Then it’s too late. I don’t want to cross that line. It’s what keeps me riding conservatively; fear of going too far, too often, or too fast, and hurting my horse...

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