Thursday, January 01, 1998

Homeopathic Cures for Rain Rot and Scratches - Roger R

I have tried all the most common stuff. The best fix and cure.. had been homeopathic.

Calendula - marragold flowers
Tea Tree oil

There are creams and onitments. Hilton Herb - PHYTOBALM is one that is very good.. a little goes a long way..

Calendula.. Onitment and tinture washes are great.

I have given the pill remidies also.. Calendula and Hypercuim 30c

My book also indicates - Rhus Tox 30, Calc Carb 30 and Thuja 30 . I have not used these yet. As I have been able to get a cure with topical treatments.

Now you can get the made stuff from us .. we sell pills, cream onitments ... but you can make it your self .. CHEAP

Next year grow a mess of gold pot marrigolds. Pick flowers in full bloom in the pm. Rip up the flower - petals in a jar. Cover with rubbing alcohol about 2 inch over the top. Sit in Sun for one day, Move to a warm dark place - let sit for 2 to 3 weeks.. Shake every week. Strain off the flower parts.. press in hand in a cloth.. Now you have a mother tinture.. called a 20 percent. I mix with baby oil and or aloe juice.. so I can put it in a sprayer. Mix 2 oz of the tinture with 16 oz of aloe and baby oil.. shake the mix for about 5 minutes.. Spray on horse and rub into skin. make sure you shake it up before each use. Keep you main tinture base in DARK bottles well sealed.. I use wine bottles. Keep out of light.

I have about 2 gallons of this stuff made up.. should last all winter. I mix up only small batches in a spray bottle..

Spray it on cuts.. rot scratches what ever needs healing.. give the pills if you get a bad case.. and you can put some of the tinture in a small dark dropper bottle.. and place a few drops on the bad areas and let it soak in.

Roger R

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