Thursday, January 01, 1998

Shoeing - Roger R

Shoes. Well y`all know.. (that`s how ya spell it) I can`t let this one go again. I think the archives have all the old posts on shoes.

SNEAKERS Equithotics. Yes we sell them, YES they do work. ALL our endurnace horse go with them. The NATRC horses go with LeCroix Eventers (steel) with Shocktamers RIM pads. (full pads not allowed).

IF and WHEN NATRC ever drops the shoe rules, ALL our horses will go with SNEAKERS. You can install the standard insert studs to reduce the slipping on grass and mud..IF that can REALLY be done..We will be installing inserts and studs for the spring rides.

I get about 10 weeks of use. Two settings. About 200 miles competition plus training. It all depends on the trail surface. The more rock and hard surface going, the less wear you get. I keep the old set for use in the fall or spring when we are not going to rides.

I also take a used set to the rides and give them to the shoer, just in case we loose one. We have NEVER lost one a ride. ONLY time a shoe came off was after 6 weeks and in the deep mud at the farm.

This shoe is a full `bar type` with a hole in the center. The aluminum plate is coated with a long wearing poly plastic. Takes the shoer a little time to learn to shape it and install it. Be nice to your shoer if you want these put on. Be nice anyway.... I run on all 4.

Cost $45 pr costly but they work and protect from the long term shock damage.


MUSTAD NAIL-SHU. A good shoe. Aluminum shoe (std) in-cased in a poly plastic. This shoe does not wear very long. I get one 5 week setting. I have never been able to get two setting when we were working. The plastic is too soft for what we do. BUT the shoe does reduce slipping and concussion. AND it is NOW LEGAL for use in NATRC rides. I may put them on one of my NATRC horses this year. Cost is $35 per pair. I run them on all 4. We do sell these, with reservation about wear.

SLYPNER. Well.... I tried them. No luck on ANY of my troops. They were difficult to fit. Inserts came out or could not be inserted due to installation errors or the shape we had to have. IF the shoe fits your horse as is out of the box you may be ok. The nail holes are too close to the edge of the shoe. One horse we really tried to get them to work on, lost a major portion of her side wall by the 4th time we put them on. All the nail holes cracked out.

I have a box of these, new and used with new and used inserts. I have about 4 pair of sizes 11 and 12. I will sell them cheap If anybody wants them. I kept them so long trying to get them to work, I did want to ask for a refund. Call or email.

Roger R

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