Thursday, January 01, 1998

Horse Cookie Recipes

I took a little
here, a suggestion there and came up with the following (they have already
passed the barn test:) Both critters loved them.
1 C omolene 200
2 C quick cooking rolled oats
1 cup barley
3 C bran
2/3 C molasses
1/3 C pure mable syrup (we get it by the gallon cheap at Costco
1 1/2 C very hot water
24 1-oz. scoops of Perform & Win electrolytes
Mix all dry ingredients until well blended, stir in molasses/syrup mixture
and mix well. Add hot water and beat very well. I use an electric mixer
for all of this. Mixture should stick together but be a little sticky. I
divided mixture to make 24 large cookies on a non-stick cookie sheet,
ungreased (my cookie sheets are not to be greased). Suggestion...make 48
smaller cookies. Bake at 350 for 30 min. Don`t forget to pre-heat oven.
They are done when firm to the touch, Remove from oven and immediately
remove from sheet. I live at 5,00 feet so you may need to adjust oven temp
and time.
Here is my recipe for electrolyte cookies. I have made a few batches
(experimenting) and the horses appear to like them all. At first they
weren`t sure about them, but now they will practically inhale my hand with
the entire cookie (and they have probably been overdosed this weekend on
Lyte Cookies ;^)
2 cups oats (I use crimped oats or barley/mix)
3/4 cup grain (I use either LMF or barley)
3 cups bran
1 cup molasses
1 cup water (may vary depending upon altitude)
24 1-oz. scoops of Perform`n`Win electrolytes
Mix all the ingredients together. You should have a consistency a little
thinner than play-doh. If it isn`t wet or sticky enough, add a little more
water or molasses. Place large spoonfuls on a (greased) cookie sheet. Bake
at 350 for 30-40 minutes. These have a tendancy to burn so keep an eye on
Happy Trails,
in Gardnerville
& Dream Weaver
& Rocky
I just mixed up a batch of Karen`s Lyte cookies, with a twist, and thought
I`d share with the group. I had a few different ingredients, and figured
some of the rest of you might be in the same boat. Cookies (actually I baked
mine in muffin tins) worked great with the following ingredients:
Lyte Cookies Recipe 2
2 Cups rolled oats (I used "1 minute" oatmeal)
3/4 Cup Nutrena "Perform" grain mixture
3 Cups bran
1 Cup Molasses (I actually used 3/4 Cup molasses, 1/4 Cup "Mrs. Butterworth`s"
Pancake syrup since didn`t have enough molasses)
1 Cup Water
24 x 1 ounce scoops of Life Science`s "Endura-Lyte" electrolytes
Mix all ingredients together. Preheat oven to 350 F. Spray muffin tins
(standard size) with non-stick cooking spray. Pack tins tightly, so that
entire batch fits into 24 "muffins". Bake for 25 minutes (we are at approx.
600` elevation).
Many, many, many thanks to Karen for the terrific recipe!
Lynne Walters
Battle Ground, WA
Hi Gang,
Had to jump in on the Perform`N Win Cookie recipe. I first heard this
from Truman many months back and immediately had to start playing in the
kitchen. I modified his recipe a bit, then used my pasta maker to extrude
the dough, using the "pretzel" die, cutting off one inch pieces. Piled
into a ziplock baggie, they were convenient to carry around and use for
"motivation". The
horses here at the Centre loved them (I had to keep my niece and nephew
from eating the "horse cookies"). One horse in particular, kept nosing
into my pockets or sniffing my hands whenever I came near. However, more
importantly, I used
them as a "reward" for drinking! They would take a drink of water and I
gave them some cookies. When they saw me hold up the cookies, they
quickly learned that a drink would get them the cookies. This could be
very useful for training horses to drink more water. You might want to
try this when out training. Let me know how it goes with your horses!
Good luck!
Gayle Ecker
I`m still playing with it. But the basics are Quacker oats, a little
flour, molasses, water and perform & win. Other things I have used is beat
pulp, sweetfeed and cornmeal.
Cooking like training a horse should be more of an art - than a science.
Well, I tried Karen`s horse electrolyte cookies....Roger, don`t feel
bad as mine turned out to be gooey and the fell apart.
BUT, I came up with a good idea. My horse hates electrolytes and
given by syringe, he clamps his mouth shut and refuses to swallow,
drooling for the next 1 1/2 hours also refusing to eat or drink. If I
disguise it in his bran mash he eats but not all of it so not sure he is
getting enough.
INSTEAD of baking this electrolyte mixture, I just packed it in a
tupperware or butter tub container and stored in the frig.
I have a good hot training ride tommorrow so thought I`d go out and try
some of my cookie batter on the horses. Half of Karen`s recipe makes
about 10 handfuls or scoopfulls with apprx. 1 oz. elec./scoop.
I scooped a handfull and offered it to my horse and he went ape.
Tried to take the whole container away from me. Watched later from the
window as the horses tanked up at the water trough. I have to say that
of all the electrolytes the perform and win has the most appeal to our
So for me not baking them and storing the mixture in a container and
feeding that way worked well. Could also put some in a ziplock bag for
the saddle....baked it will end up the same after a few miles anyway.
P.S. I substituted corn oil for water.
Linda, whose horses even licked between my fingers.
Linda Eisele
I have added shredded carrots to the Perform`N Win cookies and put the
dough through the pasta maker with no problems. I have also dried apple
pieces in the food dehydrator and powdered the bits of apple in the coffee
grinder, then added them to the mix before processing in the pasta maker.
These tasted good enough for me to eat! :> And no problem getting the
horses to eat them.
Happy cooking!
Gayle Ecker
I`ve made horse cookies before and would suggest the following:
rolled oats or barley
cracked corn
molasses or raisens
The flour is the binder and is needed to hold it all together. Too
much molasses will cause burning. Raisens are a great sweet substitute
for the molasses and can be bought in bulk. Note I didn`t list quantities. I`m a great "cook by the seat of my pants" cook and just
start throwing things together. I`d say about 3 cups oats, 1 cup corn,
2 cups bran, 1/2 - 3/4 cup oil, same amount molasses, 1 cup flour,
whatever you desire in electrolytes and sufficient water to make a
stiff dough (picture what chocolate chip cookie dough looks like). I
suggest you use the raisens to increase palatability. People and dogs
steal my cookies inspite of the hard cracked corn in them. Of course I
haven`t made any with electrolytes but think it`s a great idea.
Bonnie Snodgrass

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