Thursday, January 01, 1998

You Could Be a Distance Rider - Running Bear Farm

If twice a year you`ve gone to rides and forgotten people food.
If you have more containers to carry horse water than you have dishes.
If you have relatives who can only visit on weekends that heve never seen you in summer clothes.
If you can hitch up your trailer in the dark with no lights but can`t see your dashboard clock.
If you`ve ever started out for a ride and broke down three times within ten miles of home but went to the ride anyway.
If you`ve had bug bites in places you couldn`t scratch in public.
If you`ve ever called your pit crew a name at a vet check you`d beat your kids for using.
If you ever stood in line at a bush.
If you`ve taken your kids to the doctor and out of habit started declaring cuts and scratches.
If your gasoline credit card is delivered by a company VIP who kissed you full on the lips on your porch.
If you`ve ever lobbied for the death penalty for anyone caught taking down a trail marker.
If a date is mentioned any time between April and November and your only frame of reference is: "What ride is that weekend?"
And finally, if you got more completion awards last year that your spouse had lucky nights...

Quality T-shirts in salmon or grey available in medium, large or x-large.
$15.00 each or 2/$25.00. $3.00 shipping for 1-4, $4.00 for 5-8.

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