Thursday, January 01, 1998

Worming Schedule

For anyone who is interested. In the Dec. `97 copy of Michael Plumb`s Horse Journal they printed the following recommended worming schedule (with extensive explanations):

Jan. 1 (mid-winter) Broad spectrum dewormer of your choice
Mar. 1 (early spring) Ivermectin
April 15 (mid spring) Moxidectin (Quest)
June 15 (early summer) double-dose Strongid Paste
August 15 (late summer) Ivermectin
Oct. 15 (mid fall) Ivermectin
Nov. 25 (late fall) Broad spectrum dewormer of your choice

Note: deworming schedules should be adjusted to your area`s major parasite threats, i.e. consult your vet. Anyone who has the opportunity to read this article should, it explains much, in depth.

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