Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Virginia City 100 ~ Tough Horses & Riders Only Need Apply - Diana Hiiesalu Bain

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September 22 2013

The Virginia City 100. What a weekend. I knew it was going to be hard, physically at the very least. What I didn't expect is for it to be so mentally brutal. I still feel beat up some 22 hours later and trying to sort thru why because I have 2 Tevis buckles. What was different?

I've heard so much about the VC 100 and many individual stories. I knew there were a lot of rocks and I knew it was as hard as Tevis. But I also heard it was "doable", sorta in the same breath that Tevis is only 50% doable. I ride my horses on a lot of hills, walking up, trotting, up, getting off and walking down on foot, over and over. I also love the Washoe rides and part of the VC 100 are on these trails. Technical appeals to me over flat, wide roads with miles and miles of trotting. I did hear the VC 100 had these too, and I was more scared of miles of trotting than anything. Regardless of the fear of endless trotting I entered my mare and T & I & 3 dogs were off to Virginia City.

Sage, Tirzah & Parker were the lucky ones to go. Sage is in season so I wanted to make sure her Foomer Doomer was shielded from any improper unions. We also got some heeling training in around Ride Camp. She was super smart there.

On the way down to Virginia City Jeremy had sent me a photo of a bay horse standing on the side of the road. Then we drove past and I got this photo. I was so excited to see these wild horses on this trip and this wasn't the last time. They are regular ornaments in this state.

We got to Ride Camp & were able to set REALLY CLOSE to Jeremy & Charlie. This was good because the plan was to ride with Jeremy and Charlie could take T to all the out vet checks. We had a blast with them and Charlie was a ton of help, which made things easier for Tony. They did an awesome job. Anyway, the mares were in love with each other. They could touch noses...

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Lincoln Trail 2013 - Keith Kibler - Full Article

Sometimes You Have To Have A Since of Humor

We know this course. In fact, we really know this course. It is the same course as Dead Dog and it is only 90 minutes from our house. Considering that we often drive 1000 miles round trip to and from rides that is like being in our back yard. The course is usually very muddy. When it is not muddy it is very hard and dry. This time it was hard and dry.

I took my favorite twh mare, Kate. She was coming off a long rest and had lost a foal at 7 months.

Back to the endurance race. I also took Indigo Spirit, our 5 year old blue roan . I legged Kate up and entered here in the 100. Kate is 15 for 15 under 100 miles and 4 for 6 in 100s. She eats a technical course and is the first twh to take first or best condition in a 100. She has done both. I used her time off from competition to work on her gait and to get quarter horse training on her. She now racks and if you pick up her reigns, she goes into reverse like a cow horse. As cool as that is, she found her gallop. I mean a fast gallop. I clocked her at 29.4 mph in an uphill gallop on GPS. Gulp...

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