Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Friendship Over Fear: Broxton Bridge 2021 - Angela Leah Averitt - Full Story

Tracie Williams Parker and Heather Wilkerson encouraged me to share my experience from the Broxton Bridge Endurance Ride this past weekend in hopes of encouraging someone else. This post is about perseverance, hope, the importance of friendship, and overcoming fear...

So a little history about Miss Remington. Remi was a kill pen rescue a few years ago. I had no business rescuing a horse with an unknown history but I went with my gut and took a chance on her. I've always accepted a challenge and knew that somehow I "needed" this horse. It didn't take me long to bond with her super sweet and seemingly innocent personality, but I quickly learned that Remi was going to challenge everything I ever thought I knew.

She is a mare after all and I had heard such things. I also quickly learned that Remi was quite green and extremely agile. I got catapulted off her enough over the first two years to develop some very deep-set fears which have caused me intense anxiety even at the thought of getting on her back. I was determined to keep this horse but knew I did not have the skill or the mental capacity to make her safe to ride so I recently got her back from three months of training with Elise Levasseur Rogers. Elise is an amazing horsewoman who has been an incredible mentor for me in this new journey with Remi and I am forever grateful.

Fast forward to this weekend...

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Mule Trail Ride: Live Oak Camp - Full Story

January 16 2021
By Pat Fish

We didn't need adventure, we weren't looking for thrills and accomplishment. We just wanted a short stroll through landscape. The best antidote for the anxieties of civilization.

I invited the MeetUp to go for an easy stroll over to the edge of the Rancho San Fernando Rey and down the fence line to the bluff overlooking the golf course on 154.

But with the world in turmoil we were not granted an entirely placid day.

Unfortunately our beloved equestrian playground is under siege. A couple of weeks ago it was announced, with no public hearing or consideration, that as of 1/1/21 Live Oak would now be open to hikers. And worse, on 6/1/21 the trails would open to bicyclists. This is the ONLY entirely equestrian trail system in the county, every other park area can be hiked and almost all can be biked. Ever since the County started managing this place for the Bureau of Land Management it has been exclusively for horse and mule riders, for which we either buy day or annual permits.

Suddenly our peaceful refuge faces a potentially massive change...

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