Sunday, November 24, 2013

Boggy Creek CTR 27 - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

4 November 2013

This weekend we went to the Boggy Creek CTR. This event is so cool. It is a benefit for the Camp Boggy Creek program. This is a camp for seriously ill children. The goal of Boggy Creek is "for you to forget what you have". It is a camp set up for kids to reallly DO things, sometimes for the first time, like a kid who has been hooked to oxygen for their whole lives can actually go swimming at this camp. There is a place for them to plug in their oxygen so they can remain on oxygen while they swim. There is also ziplining for kids in wheel chairs. The kids who have been stared at when they go out can relax and have a fun time with other similar kids, no one is staring or asking what's wrong with them. It is also a great relief for families who get to have their kids go to this camp as the camp is fully staffed with expert doctors who look after the campers. This camp is a non profit if any of you want to check it out, I'm sure any donations would be happily accepted...

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