Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twenty Mule Tean 100 - Funder

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So last weekend Dixie and I finished our first hundred. What a ride. What a horse!

I think I have to start back in January, when my truck started making a Very Bad Noise. You know how when you vacuum up a screw you hear that metallic racket as it works its way through the guts of your vacuum? Kinda like that. Extremely loud, metallic, and intermittent. The first thing I thought was oh god I have to fix this before 20MT! So for two weeks I shuttled Ron (I think the truck’s name is Ron Burgundy) back and forth between two different mechanics. Both of them eventually heard the noise, but they couldn’t reproduce it in the shop and they couldn’t find out what was making it. They handed it back to me both times with a shrug and a “whatcha gonna do?” look. Exploratory surgery on vehicles ain’t cheap.

I despaired, and I gave up on the ride. Took the ride entry off the fridge and threw it away. Posted that I wasn’t going. Cried and felt really, really horrible for days.

And people came out of the woodwork to offer me help. “Trailerpool with me,” “I will come down there and haul you myself,” “come borrow my truck” from multiple people. It was really astonishing, and the more I thought about not doing the ride, the worse I felt. I decided to go...

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Friday, February 07, 2014

Broxton Bridge - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

Thursday, 06 February 2014

Pictured above: Chanses winning the 3* 100/160km

Jeremy and I did our usual booting ritual. We booted up all 5 horses that we were taking to Broxton Bridge, except Mo who was still wearing his boots from Gator Run. We did our booting effort on Monday as we were planning to drive on Wed. The weather was pretty cold as we glued all the guys up. Wed it was suppossed to rain all day so we were glad to be doing this and getting it done while it was dry out.

As we were booting the horses with their Easyboot Glue Ons we got a call from the ride manager. It was now official that no one should drive to the race on Wed as there were ice storms and really hazardous driving conditions. Oh boy. Well that bought us a free night and a spare day:)

On Wed evening I drove Cleo over to Lisanne's. She would drive to the race with her. Our trailer was full and Lisanne was awesome to be our overflow. We gave her the best one to not have any hassles, although none are a hassle:)

On Thursday morning just before we left, Wendy came over to fit my Reactor Panel saddle to Chanses. To check this out: Originally I was not riding Chanses, Jeremy was but at the last minute I was riding him. She got the saddle fit and we caught the horses and loaded them up.

The Broxton Bridge ride was a 2 day FEI event...

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Gator Run - Heather Reynolds - Full Story

23 January 2014

Eagle pictured above at vet check one.

On Wed Jeremy and I booted Mo and Eagle for the 50 with Easyboot Glue ons. They love getting the boots on, every time after they get them they go tearing around!

On Thursday night we celebrated Jeremy's birthday with friends at a sushi place in Ocala. It was a really fun time, Lynn Kennelly even brought him a "Birthday Boy" party hat! After dinner we drove home and I looked in the side mirror of the Olson's truck (we had borrowed to pick up Jeremy's birthday present, a Nordic Trac treadmill that goes up to a steep grade for uphill but does downhill as well. It is his Western States training buddy!) and I noticed something flapping in the wind. I looked harder in the dark and saw that my Smith sunglasses were hanging out there in the wind as we drove on the freeway! Lynn reached out and grabbed them. I guess that I had dropped them when I got out of the truck before dinner and some nice person had hung them so I would find them. I found them!

Late that night a rider from Berkeley, CA was flying in and would be riding Eagle on his first 50 at the Gator Run ride. Her name is Betsy Aden. Betsy is trying to get her 300 miles so that she can do the Tevis this summer. Betsy arrived at our house around 11:30 pm...

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