Wednesday, May 12, 1999

AERC: Permissible and Prohibited Drugs & Medications

Permissible substances (preceding and during competition):
*liniments that do not contain materials absorbed into the body (alcohol and Absorbine)
*foodstuffs known as nutrients
*nonabsorbable topical wound dressings
*ice and ice water
*compounds to synchronize estrus

Nonpermissible substances include:
*any substance by injection or stomache tube
*vitamins in megadoses
*nutrient substances administered in doses to achive a pharmacologic effect (DMSO, DMG, yucca and MSM)
*any anti-inflammatory, stimulus, depressants, analgesia, or analgesia-containing products such as procaine penicillin
*masking substances (sulpha drugs, benzimadole wormers, thiamine injections)
*liminments that contain DMSO, menthol or camphor
*E-SE injections

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