Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Why I Do Endurance - Carla Lawson

What sport allows you to dress like a clown, ride like a banshee, pee in the woods, think that beet pulp is the next best thing to sliced bread even if your horse thinks you are an idiot for not serving proper "SHOW" horse food which tastes a hell of alot better. What sport can you litterally get off look like you are in a drunken stupor and have a cop pull you over later for weaving or slow driving and give you a breathelizer test and you not register because you Haven't been drinking yet you have ice in the back with a few cases of beer since you were the only one going to the store to get ice for your horse. (whups I told on myslef didn't I?)
What sport can you compete in that also includes kids to compete right along with you? What sport has the fittest horses? I mean how many of them top notch 3 day eventer can do this? And they GET THREE DAYS!!! Course I do it for the money... Yeah right! I do this because I love it. I get a rush like a drug in the veins! I do this because if I don't my insurance would go high because I would need some therapy. Course in I haven't in the last year and 1/2 because of commitments but I get to in five more months. Was going to get a fix in November but I had to cancel for grandmothers funeral (was the least I could do). But I am in bad need of a fix...Going thru withdrawl is hard.
I don't know what will happen to Steph, Angie, Merryben, or heaven help us Trilby when they can't get on the horse to ride. I am sure when old age catches up (will take a very long time) that they will have some bad withdrawls. I think Angie will crew for her great grandkids, Steph will just go off on the trail one day and won't be heard from. Trilby will just go off into that great big purple heaven in the sky. Merryben, will probably start her own magazine..titled Endurance the quest for the perfect ride. Why do I do endurance.. The question really is why do I not!
Carla (oh its nice out...I feel a training ride coming on!)
PS for Howard, Howard will go while slurping a beer from a blow to the head while riding Danceline thru a redwood forest.

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