Wednesday, June 15, 2005

L&S LD Story - Diane Roby

Diane Roby

This was my mare, Skyrock Lakota Gold, or Codee, and
my second LD ride. Our first was the Cougar Prowl
in March. Due to some unfortunate events at the Cougar
(See Louise's story about the arson and
I wondered what this would be like. No two rides could
have been any more different! The weather for the
Cougar was an unusual 80 degrees in March, the weather
for the L&S was an unusual 70 something in June.

We got to the ride Friday morning at 11 am so I could
get set up. I was going to this one alone and wasn't
entirely sure how it would go. We found a great shady
spot and I unloaded Codee and set up the Hi Tie, another
first. Since the day was quite warm I took my time
setting up the tent and everything I would need for
the next day. My boyfriend was coming out later but was
not a horse person so his job was to make sure I ate
and refilled my water bottles.

At 2 I went over to get checked in and I guess Codee
decided she didn't care to be left alone and kicked
the trailer, everyone heard that! She was fine tho.
Vet in was at 4 and we vetted in with all A's. So far
so good. She even managed to behave, no airs above
ground this time.

The next morning there were sprinkles and thunder
when I got up at 4 am to feed. The 50's went out
at 6 am and the 25's were to go at 6:30. Got tacked
up with no problem and even had no issues with the
start - it was a controlled start for the first
little bit of it. Codee was feeling quite fresh and
the rain started to come down as we entered the
wooded area at the start. Then the lightening struck
and she started crowhopping and prancing and just
being an unhappy camper.

The first loop was 16.5 miles and we did it in about
3 hours. We rode in rain, and the lightening and
thunder, and then came the hail and the wind. At
one point I thought we were going to be blown off
the trail. Codee was convinced I had lost my mind
but she kept moving.

We had a 45 minute hold after the 1st loop and again
Codee vetted in with all A's. All that rain helped
tremendously with keeping the horses cool as it
tends to be hot in OK in June. After the hold we
went back out for the final 8.5 mile loop. By now
the day was getting warm and humid. We got lost on
the big hill on this loop and managed to do it not
once but twice! At this point we met up with a nice
lady from MO and her grey arab gelding.

We rode with them for almost all of the last loop,
but she was doing a 50 she needed to pick up pace
so she rode ahead. Codee was a little concerned
being left but the dressage lessons have helped
and I was able to get her to trot nicely by herself.

We came in at 4 hours 57 minutes total and vetted
out with all A's. Codee managed to best our Cougar
time by almost an hour!
All in all it was a great ride
and even with the weather one of the best I've had

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