Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dean Conti's first experiences in Endurance

I ran across this while cleaning out stuff. Thought I'd post it considering that dean has now done @1000 miles in 2004, 2005, and 2006. This story follows his first experiences with riding....


His first 100 was at Steph's Arabian Nights Ride:

I think this is Dean (and Jimmy?) at @65 miles being followed by two riders from USA East squad.

Dean Conti and Stormy (loaned to Dean by Regina Rose for his first 100).

followed by Leonard Liesens on The Great Santini

And Miguel Povloski on Jazerts Bey Musc

Tracey Webb near the finish

Christof Schrok and DWA Sabku*//

Tammy Robinson and TR Charutu

Karen Kroon on Roket (the eventual winners) with Tracy Webb and an un-identified 3rd rider.

Miguel, Leonard, and Mercedes Tapia.

Dean Holtz and

Sue Nance and Excalaber

Ann and Hal Hall

Unidentified Rider??

Leo and Santini (the great) at the finish - followed by:

Leo with a fluid bag during the rider treatment that followed ...

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