Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NASTR 75 - Lucy Trumball

Roo n' me got one step closer to being a real endurance team when we completed NASTR 75 last weekend. 75 miles was a first for both of us, and didn't come without a few nerves (for me at least - Roo din't really care one way or the other ). We've been having some saddle rubbing issues which weren't completely resolved, so I was feeling kind of out of sorts as far as riding, having ridden the last two long rides in two different saddles (a demo Sensation and my old Sportssaddle), but opted to go back to my Barefoot Cheyenne for this ride. I was trying out some new thicker, firmer inserts in my Skito pad, and I was also demo-ing a Thinline Ultra pad over the top, in the hope that this would help the problem.

Lucy Trumball's NASTR 7r - Full Story

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