Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Unconventional Cowboy

Ja Allen recently finished seventh in the Great Santa Fe Trail Horse endurance event despite his share of adversity. Allen was struck by lightning before the race and later had to ride with a broken wrist after a fall. Allen rides his horse Boots -- one of two he used for the race -- at his ranch.

TOLLHOUSE -- Ja Allen is a cowboy. His identity radiates from the tip of his straw hat to the spurs that dangle from his boots to the fact that he breaks horses for a living.

"Every horse on this property was considered crazy or unridable," said Allen, surveying his seven-acre ranch at the foot of Burrough Mountain.

"It seems like the crazier the horse, the better I get along with them."

Some might consider Allen a little crazy, too. Actually, a whole lot of people. But the 32-year-old maverick made believers out of many during last month's Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race.

Riding quarter horses in a field dominated by Arabians, Allen finished seventh overall in the 515-mile endurance race that followed the historical trade route from Santa Fe, N.M., to Independence, Mo.


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