Monday, February 18, 2008

Shanghai Trails Endurance Ride - Feb 17 2008

Pam' Site - Full Ride Story

Braving the threat of rain and severe weather, we went to the first running of the Shanghai Trails Endurance ride at Pierce Ranch this weekend. We arrived early on Friday since I had promised Cindy, the ride manager, to help her with the ride. Helen pulled my three horse bp trailer with the Kawasaki mule so that we would have extra transport for Cindy.

Friday afternoon, I decided to take Rio out on a short warmup ride. I rode with another friend, Tamsen on the pink loop, which is the 10 mile loop of the ride. We rode out for about 3 miles then turned around and came back. We actually rode pretty fast, but when Tamsen came back and vetted in, her horse came up lame from the heavy mud that we rode through in some places...


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