Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WEC Afterwards: I have a rash - Bob

Nov. 12th, 2008

well it was a lot more fun packing the horse gear in Canada for the trip over here....the packing for return hmmm not so much. I think we will all be glad to return to North America and i will be especially thankful for some dry skivvies!!! Seems like everything is damp as soon as you put then on..we have decided that the wering of skirts and sarongs is definitely the way in this climate! Well enough about that.
First let me thank all who have sent us notes of encouragement and congrats...very much appreciated.
Tomorrow at 6 am the horses will be loaded and we will not see them for about 10 days!!! Thankfully John Crandall from USA will be travelling with the horse. Not sure how the US manages to trump us each time ..but it may be something to look at in the future.
US was allowed to send team vet with horses on the way here and administer fluids in Amsterdam....Canadians 0 1
Now on the return trip US has a groom to accompany the horses for 3 days stay in Amsterdam...Canadians still 0 2.
Perhaps in the future ...whomever that will entail...we should be allowed what is definitely available. What do ya think????
Today at lunch I initiated a riders wrap up and synopsis of the ride. We have decided to post our comments publicly both favorable and not so much....with an effort to provide help to whomever is available for 2010. What do ya think???

Sorry it is about to rain...monsoon struck with a vengence last night. Damn near drowned in the little bean can car that I have rented. It was raining so hard the wipers could not keep up. so I drove to my new hotel....closer to the barn...staring at the white line and hoping that one of the looose cows, goats or chickens or people were not in the road at night.
Happy trails everyone

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Endurance.Net said...

It was GREAT fun seeing Bob (and the rest of the Canadians!!:) in Terengganu! I hadn't seen Bob for 6-7 years since he came to Oreana for the 5 Day ride on Santini. A great rider, a great sportsman, and a wonderful person!!