Monday, January 19, 2009

The Endurance Challenge ~ by OHHAWA member Megan Harrod, owner of Earaheedy Roscoe

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January 19th, 2009

Sunday the 22 June saw two of Earaheedy’s finest compete for the first time at an endurance competition. Being their first time out Earaheedy Norma (4 yo) and Earaheedy Roscoe (4.5 yo) were entered in the 20km social ride just to get a feel for the busy (and at times ’scary’) atmosphere.

After an uneventful trip to Gidgegannup we found a camp spot and took Roscoe and Norma (aka ‘the kids’) for a bit of a trot out, then it was off to their stables for a brief spell whilst we set up camp. Finally the time came to go down to the vet ring. To get to the ring we had to walk ‘the kids’ through the very busy main camping area. Both were nervous, especially Norma because we were surrounded by smoke from camp fires not to mention other horses who were less than calm. Roscoe seemed to take the whole thing in his stride.

Once at the vet ring Roscoe and Norma turned heads and set tongues wagging. Roscoe went through first and behaved perfectly, I could not have asked for more or been prouder of him, that amazing Earaheedy temperament shone through. Norma was a bit unsettled, however despite her age and nervousness she did exceptionally well. Both made it through, Roscoe with a starting heart rate of 40 and Norma with a starting heart rate 52.

{It is worth noting at this point that Megan and her Mum, who owns Norma, had done a great deal of prior training and preparation to introduce these two heritage horses to the world of endurance, and this - combined with the natural endurance abilities of these horses - no doubt resulted in some outstanding veterinary results, particularly for Roscoe who was calmer and had a lower heart rate overall as a result.}

That night proved to be a long one for some.


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