Friday, October 29, 2010

Grand Canyon XP Day 2: “It’s Tulip Time” - Karen Chaton - Full Story and photos

I think that I am pretty fortunate to be offered the opportunity to ride Tulip on the second day. For those that don’t know, Tulip is a Morab endurance horse that holds the record for having the most endurance miles on the sport.

With this ride, Tulip has 21,630 miles. Here is a link to his AERC ride record. I’m quite certain that Tulips record will never be equaled again, for a lot of reasons.

Normally I prefer to ride my own horses and generally do not ride other horses. This was the first time for me, actually. Dave Rabe has been riding Tulip some this ride season for Les, who is still recovering from a riding accident last year...

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