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Goethe Challenge Endurance Ride FEI - Heather Reynolds

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Monday, 19 December 2011
We did our first Endurance ride since moving out here. On Wednesday Jeremy booted all of our guys for the race, we were really excited as we were going to be testing out some new tread patterns.

On Friday we loaded up Tiran, Chanses and Marvel to drive the 8 miles over to the Goethe Challenge Endurance Ride. We got to camp around 10 am, I drove seperately as I had to take our dog Daisy to the vet for an acupuncture appointment. I was only present for the picking of the parking spot, then I had to leave.

I drove to Ocala and went to the vet appointment and then the grocery run and then back to the race.

When I got back to the ride Jeremy had set up camp and the crew area. We went to the check in and did our paperwork and then went to vet in and get our passport inspections done.

After all of the official business was taken care of we went for a pre ride. Our friend Barbara Hershberger was riding her horse AnyDayNow aka "P" and our long time friend Sarah Schick (from back in our days of training in VA) were riding with us as well. Sarah was on Barbara's other horse Storm.

Our pre ride was short and sweet. All 5 of the horses looked great.
Barbara and I were entered in the 75 FEI 2*, Jeremy on Chanses, Sarah on Storm and Rachel Shackelford on Marvel were entered in the 50 mile 1*.

After the Pre ride we hung out a while and then went to the dinner and the ride meeting. The cool thing about the East Coast rides is that the dinner is usually on Friday night. After dinner we headed to bed.

Saturday morning I started out at 7 on Tiran. He warmed up really well and was nice and calm. Our start was uneventful. The first loop went well, about 5 miles into it Barbara joined us on P. He was looking nice and was moving well...

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